This is a progressive/auto-generated archive of my commitment to visual pollution between 2012 and 2016 at Royal Academy of Art-The Hague where I studied graphic design. The content of this page is programmatically collected and processed from my old HDD drive. The content is updated in form of small batches till the day I finish archiving all the projects of these 4 years

2013 / analogue glitch / generative design / photography / poster / screen / system / typography /

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2001 a space odyssey is a poster assignment(design by Susana Carvalho) consist of 4 phases/itteration. While the research phase the concepts such as construction and deconstruction and recursive loops came to my focus point. Furthermore I discovered about the technique used by film in order to create a sound in one of the famous senqueces. They used a audio feedback loop where speaker outputs the sound which it creates. Hence this concept lead me a to design a system in which I could create my poster with: a visual feedback loop. The setup consist of a typography layer of title of the movie (as the initial material/input) and a tv screen (to output the visuals) and a camera (to catch the visual input).

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